Wooly Rabbit’s Power (120 tablets)



Wooly Rabbit Power support joint care and wound healing

Rabbit’s power is made from three carefully selected ingredients:
1. Agar – Oligo is a component contained in agar. It can effectively control inflammation and it is very helpful for joint rehabilitation.

2. Sparassis crispa increase collagen production, assist and promote the healing of joints and wounds effectively. Sparassis crispa is capable of promoting immune cell activation. The content of B-glucan is 4 times that of Tricholoma matsutake

3. Plant Placenta contains about 4 times more amino acids than animal basically no special taste, so its easy for rabbits to accept and it has a significant effect on anti-aging


Plant placenta, agar-oglio, sparassis crispa, apple fibre and dietary fibre


crude protein 0.9% ± 0.3%
crude fat 2.0 % ± 0.3%
crude fiber 8.2% ± 0.3%
coarse ash 0.7% ± 0.3%
moisture 8.0% ± 1.0%
calcium 0.02% ± 0.01%

Weight below 1kg – 1 tablet/day
Weight below 2kg – 2 tablets/day
Weight below 3kg – 3 tablets/day

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