Wooly Pere Boku Pellet Hay (Seven) – 300g


Wooly is the first product in Japan to mix a variety of grass , two types of first cut Timothy Hay (USA Washington and Canadian).

The size of granules is convenient for rabbits, to eat and is design according to the size of the rabbit’s mouth. This series does not contain nutrients such as vitamins and minerals, it is an auxiliary food similar to grass and its nutrient composition is similar to that of 2nd cut grass

Low temperature drying processing – In order to reduce the stickiness in food, we have created special low temperature drying processing. When eating keep the rabbit from overgrown teeth and no food residue in the mouth. This product can be easily crushed, reduced the burden on the tooth root, prevent tooth root from shifting.

Added apple fibre – Up the palatability and increase bowel movements. Apple fibre made from Japanese apples, the fruity aroma can improve palatability, while fibre can promote bowel movements.

Wooly Nagano Farm – Pellets hay (Double) Use own wooly farms in Yatsugatake Plateau of Japan, High potability and nutrient- rich. These grass and herbs have been added to the product:
– Timothy/Gramine (USA/Canada): Rich in fibre
– Tomorrow leaf/ Umbelliferae: Has the function of strengthening the body’s metabolism
– Lancelot: In europe, people usually feed animals to eat lancelot to make them healthy and strong
– Italian Ryegrass: Very popular with rabbits, delicious grass with a little sweet taste
– Gram grass: Low protein grasses with a large amount of rich fibre
– Alfalfa has a high nutritional value, used as vanilla in the pellet hay
– Bermuda grass: it is a slender forage. For nutritional reasons, not suitable for single feeding
– Barley hay : soft grass loved by rabbits

Pellet Hay is suitable for the following situations:
– The owner is allergic to grass
– The rabbit has not eaten other grass than timothy
– Rabbit who does not like to eat dry grass
– Want to give rabbit a variety of grass but its expensive
– Worry about the nutritional balance of the rabbit
– Rabbit who cannot eat grass because of increase age,malocclusion etc
– Want to give rabbit alot of fibre
– Rabbit is tired of grass that has been eating

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