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Wooly Lactic Acid Bacteria Soft (150 tablets)



Compared with rabbit’s last, it is easy to measure and easy to use. Rabbits with dental problems can easily eat and bite without any effort, reducing the burden on the roots. In addition, the amount given is relatively small (0.2g per tablet), so rabbits who are losing weight, are relatively fat or have dental problems are advised to use this product.

The effect of lactic acide bacteria:
– Promote bowel movements
– Balance the intestinal bacteria
– Control the growth of harmful toxins in the intestine
– Purify the intestines for intestinal cleansing
– Improve immunity

Rabbit’s lact contains three probiotics that maintain intestinal health. They complement together to achieve a very desirable effect:

Bifidobacterium: Maintain a balance of probiotics and bacteria in the intestine promote smooth bowel movements

FK-23: It can withstand strong acid, can enter the intestine without being destroyed by gastric acid, and improve immunity is better than ordinary lacticacid bacteria

Spore lactic acid bacteria: The spore lactic acid bacteria are protected by the outer shell, which can resist high temperature, stomach acid, bile, dryness and reach the intestine smoothly. It is the lactic acid bacteria with the highest survival rate. After the spore lactic acid bacteria reaches the intestines, they break out the shell and immediately multiply and produce lactic acid, control the growth of harmful bacteria, maintain the balance of the number of bacteria in the intestines


Lactic Acid Bacteria, Apple Fibre, Lactose, Dietary Fibre

Guaranteed Analysis

Crude Protein 0.9%
Crude Fat 5.2%
Crude Fibre 6.3%
Coarse Ash: 0.4%
Moisture 3.4%
Phosphorus 0.025%
Calcium 0.018%

Additional Information

Daily Recommended Intake:
Weight below 1kg: 1 tablet/day
Weight below 2kg: 2 tablets/day
Weight below 3kg: 3 tablets/day

This product is a rabbit supplement, non- staple food.

Avoid direct sunlight, please keep in a cool place.

Please keep it out of reach of children.

After opening please keep it in airtight container to retain the optimum condition of the product

It has slight sour smell

Please Note : Wooly Lactic Bacteria and Wooly Active E should NOT be given at same time and should be stagger at 2 hour interval

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Wooly Vitality Source power supports immune system and natural healing.

– Supports weepy eyes, conjunctivitis and other eye problem
– Hair loss and other hair problems
– Snuffles and running nose
– Loss of Appetite and Decline Physical Fitness
– Head Tilt and Rolling

Wooly Vitality SourcePower is the shortcut to enhance immunity and improve natural resilience.

Wooly Vitality Source Power is made from these few carefully selected ingredients. All use human grade ingredients.

– Agar-oligo: is a component contained in agar, it can effectively control inflammation, control the production of enzymes that break down, is a great help for joint rehabilitation

-Sparassis crisp: increase collagen production, assist and promote the healing of joints and wounds effectively. Sparassis crisp is capable of promoting immune cell activation. The content of B-Glucan is 4 times that of Tricholoma matsutake

-Plant placenta: contains about 4 times more amino acids than animals and has no special taste. so its easy for the rabbits to accept and it has significant effects on anti-aging

-Lactic acid bacteria (sterilised)

– reduced coenzymes Q10


Plant placenta, agar-oligo, sparassia crispa, reduced coenzymes Q10, lactic acid bateria (sterilised), apple fibre, cornstarch, dietary fibre (no additives)

Guaranteed Analysis

crude protein 2% ± 0.3%
crude fat 4.9 % ± 0.3%
crude fiber 5.5% ± 0.3%
coarse ash 0.7% ± 0.3%
moisture 9.0% ± 0.5%
calcium 0.02% ± 0.01%

Weight below 1kg – 1 tablet/day
Weight below 2kg – 2 tablets/day
Weight below 3kg – 3 tablets/day