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Wooly Active E


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Active E is a natural supplementary food that does not irritate the stomach.
Use the characteristics of pineapple protease to prevent and reduce hairball disease. The rabbit will cause slow gastrointestinal mobility due to seasonal changes, going out , temperature changes etc. resulting in flatulence and loss of appetite caused by food fermentation in the stomach.

Active E is a natural supplement that is prepared by mixing the protease extracted from pineapple and apple fibre made from Japanese apples .The protease extracted from pineapple which can break down proteins and prevent and reduce hairball disease. The rabbit often rubs his fur and the fur sticks to the food left in the stomach. The more they accumulate, the easier it is to get hairball disease. The protease extracted from pineapple has the effect of decomposing protein , preventing flatulence, helping digestion and reducing the burden on the stomach

Apple fibre can improve palatability and increase intestinal activation (intestinal peristalsis). The apple fibre powder produced in Japan has a light fruity and sour taste. The additional of pineapple protease can increase dietary fibre , promote bowel movement and improve palatability


pineapple protease, apple fiber, dietary fibre, lactose

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