Royal Canin First Age Kitten


Royal Canin Second Age Kitten for kittens from 4 months up to 1 year
Highly nutritious cat food, it is ideal for kittens from 4 to 12 months old. Kittens have an increased requirement for energy, protein, minerals, trace elements, and vitamins. Royal Canin Second Age Kitten is specially developed with these requirements in mind. The kibble is the optimal size for small kittens and is easy to chew.

Key Benefits

Royal Canin Second Age Kitten features a combination of highly Digestible Protein (L.I.P.*) and specific fibres (pysllium, FOS-MOS) to promote a balance in the intestinal flora and contribute to good stool quality.

A complex of Antioxidants and Vitamimn E gives immune system support and high energy content is included to fit this intense growth period.

Recommended for Specially for 2nd age kittens (up to 12 months old)

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