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Nurture Pro Original Herring for Young & Active Adult


Great health and protection starts from within. Nurture Pro Original aims to nurture and protect your dogs with an ideal combination of fresh ingredients, prebiotics and probiotics for a stronger immune system and for a healthier diet.

Made with simple and natural ingredients such as Free-range Lamb, Whitefish and Herring combined with bountiful supply of fresh fruits and vegetables, set your pets on the right path of nutrition today with Nurture Pro Original.

Key Features

• Quality proteins from fresh meats in each recipe: High in biological value and digestibility while supplying complete and essential amino acids that support overall vitality.
• Freshly harvested local vegetables and fruits: Important source of vitamins, enzymes, phytochemicals, fiber and antioxidants. With Low Glycemic (GI) vegetables, they can help to regulate sugar levels and maintain a strong digestive system.
• Guaranteed levels of live and active pre- and probiotics: Synergistically enhance digestive health and intestinal tract balance. Fight diseases by promoting the growth of “good” bacteria while limiting the proliferation of the harmful ones.
• Premium sources of Omega 3 & 6 essential fatty acids: Inclusion of natural fish and botanical oils help boost cells’ ability to control inflammation and support the development of healthy skin and shiny coats.
• Vital vitamins and minerals: Support whole health, growth and development, and the immune system.
• Unique and natural wild herbs: Helps to condition the body into a state of healthy balance while reducing the negative effects of stress in today’s fluctuating environment.
• Ideal levels of glucosamine and chondroitin: To assist in rebuilding cartilage and restoring joint functions for improved flexibility and energy levels.


Nurture Pro Original Herring for Young & Active Adult

The Original Herring recipe was formulated for young and active adult dogs with high caloric content and energy requirements. With its delicate flavor, the low-in-mercury Herring is definitely one of the most nutritious and safest fish in the world that is perfect for all active canines.

▪ Ocean-fresh Herring and Whitefish quality proteins
▪ Rich in Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids to support neurological and retinal development
▪ Rich in DHA and EPA for healthy brain development and cognitive ability
▪ Nourish skin and promotes shiny coats

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