Loveabowl Salmon with Snow Crab Dog Food


Loveabowl is

  • Made in Canada
  • Locally and freshly sourced
  • Packed with exotic protein from Canada
  • Free of gluten, GMO, added growth hormones,artificial preservatives, wheat, corn, soy or potato
  • A power blend of 6 superfoods
  • Full of fridge-free probiotics

Unique Ingredients

  • Salmon
    • Sustainably caught in Eastern Canada • High in potassium, Vitamin Bs,
    • Omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, Vitamin A, Vitamin D, zinc and protein
    • Fortifies the immunity
    • Keep coats shiny
  • Snow Crab
    • FIRST brand to use snow crab
    • Freshly sourced from Canadian Fisheries
    • Low in fat and high in protein and Omega-3 fatty acids
    • Very digestible for pets
    • Rich in selenium & riboflavin (Vitamin B2)
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