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Bunny Nature goVet Rescue Feed 40g


goVet products were developed by veterinarians on the basis of naturally effective plants and herbs. It is based on the diseases most frequently presented in medical practices in rabbits and guinea pigs.

The targeted plant selection of goVet products supports the health of dwarf rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas and degu in special needs situations.

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∙ Assisted feeding in cases of inappetence
∙ Long-term feeding as porridge/porridge balls for pets with impaired tooth function who cannot consume solid food
∙ Tasty, stimulates appetite
∙ Higher energy content – to build body weight
∙ With premium water lentil protein – contains all essential amino acids
∙ With spirulina
∙ With prebiotic inulin – to support positive intestinal flora
∙ With lignocellulose – to stimulate intestinal peristalsis


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